where am i

I have a transient life.
I work in Anacortes and live here
during the week. My guy lives in
kirkand and I go there for the weekend.
I have been doing this for 12 years.
I feel like I live in my car. I always
forget something...like my power cord for
my computer...
I love my house
I think 1400 square feet is to big.
It is also a studio so I feel it is also
a mess.
I love my house...no I really love my location
I am right on the water. I love it.
But....do I need it?
I don't know.
So I am going to rent out my house.
I am going to see how that goes.

A tiny home on wheels sounds like one solution.

They look like this.

I want this.

or this

Oh my god yes,

Yes Yes Yes
this is it.

I am dreaming, fantasizing, wishing,
I am doing.
I am going to build a tiny home on wheels.
It will be Modern
clean and uncluttered
It will have
A rusty tin roof
One whole side of windows.
A sleeping loft.
Solar panels, composting toilet.

I will be self contained.
I will live with less...stuff.
If I choose to move to a different
location. I will just hitch up my home
to a truck and go.

My favorite sites for inspiration

new toy

My Guy has a new toy.

I got a driving lesson sunday.
No problem driving a stick with a clutch that
doesn't enact till your knee is in your chest or learning
to pump brakes and not jerk...jerk...jerk.
....but, see those teeny tiny side mirrors?
Now that will take some getting use to.
It is so cute...t The color is so much better than
the picture. And the popout windows are just like being
in a convertible. It is fun, fun , fun...to be a passenger.

When people see this little

VW..they get a big grin and wave
or throw out the universal peace sign.


funny ha ha

Thank-you Annie.
This is Hysterical.
The last 3 seconds i priceless.


who said tomato

We have a small garden.
A bounty of tomatoes.
Better than candy.
We share with the snails.


fall approaches


Fall approaches,
we are witnessing the
tides of change.
So, 2 we must adapt.
This gives pause
to be thankful...
for the last rays of a summer sun
We are having a magnificent
end of summer weekend
80 degrees
in Seattle.


I saw one of these on a walk today.
I tend to believe it is good luck...
since we are Bunnies By The Bay.

I also feel like I just can't run fast enough right
now. Hurry and Hurry and get the spring line
done. But, it never seems like it is done. Here,
design is the easy part. I would have to say getting
it developed, resourced and marketed is much more
difficult. I guess I have the fun easy job...even though
right now. Uhhhhh, I am tired.

cool trick

I found this on... I think
one of the 2 blogs I mentioned
It is a website that turns your photos
into vintage photos.

Unbelievably easy.

This is my house and view.

When my little shack was barged up
the bay and dropped where it is now,
I can imagine that this is what it looked like.


An another amazing blog.
beginning to end.

I could do this to my house.
The layout is the same.
Just open up the attic.


love meryl

Julie and Julia
this weekend.


I now want to watch her cooking show and
biography on netflix. Meryl Streep was
amazing. I adore the love story of her and
paul, her husband. To me, this was the highlight.


We had a rainy weekend.
It was kinda cool.
I don't really mind the rain,
when it is warm.

Discovered this great blog.
I read it beginning to end.
Love it.


A funny little flower arraignment.
The glass is a battery holder found at my
Radishes from the farmers market. Jasmine from my yard.

I took this picture a few weeks ago.
Even though fall is on it's way, I have
no complaints. We have had a wonderful
summer here in Washinton. Sunshine
is just an amazingly healing gift.


Fall is on it's way.
This is the fire pit in my front yard.
That is what I love most about fall.
Building a fire and watching the tide.
I must have passed this on to my kids.
They all have their own fire pits.


hoot hoot

This is the coolest pictures of owls, ever!
I found it in google images.
Girls at work have noticed owls lately.
I have been drawing them and thinking,
owls, fall....snowmen...winter. I don't want
summer to end.