Max is happy

Happy max  (sent from iphone)

Walking in the rain

Someone was happy to be out in the rain today.
Why is it that dogs can look so sad?  She follows me with those sad eyes until I take her out.

This is Lake Washington. 
These almost looked like swans they were so large.  But I think they are geese.
We have had such a mild winter....they are hanging out here.


Someone was happy in the rain.


This is a test. If I could blog from my phone that would be yet another reason to love the iPhone.
This is my morning walking route.
Anacortes has 7 marinas. This is the one
closest to the gym I have joined (again).
I love to take the Yoga class there...
when it comes to exercise, I'd rather
outside in the...fresh air.
The sun peaked out from behind the clouds for
about 10 minutes. It was beautiful.

Later in the day over at Hutch studio...I found
my first flowers in our garden.
Pictures courtesy of my IPhone.
Have I mentioned how much
I love my IPhone?
It is just to much fun for words!


Busy in the studio

This is what I have been working on.
Still drawing.
this is the process.

painted paper...wire...beads

bunny girl with a piggy

bird...bunny girl

bird with a hat

glass charm in painted box

necklace on handvpainted card

bird on a mushroom

sailor boy and puppy
mailing a letter

More birds...bugs...snails
and mushrooms.



"2010 A brand new decade to do the right thing."
I found this quote here...
the picture is from photobucket.
It is easy to send money. It is easy to pray.
It is harder to put your heart in someone
else's hand.

Let us not be satisfied with just giving money.
 Money is not enough, 
 money can be got,
 but they need your hearts to love them.
 spread your love everywhere you go.
  Mother Teresa  

I went for a walk in sunshine, yesterday.
15 minutes of Vitamin D
In Washington, We are like...
Bees to Honey
when the sun shines.
54 degrees and sunny...people put the
tops down in their convertible
and haul out their Harleys.
Walkers, cyclers, hikers, mama's and strollers
...all outside... in January...amazing.


Make a difference

Can we make a difference?
One client at a time?
There is a movement in this country.
Switching the power from large banks to small. I like this.
I am a Bank of America customer...I don't think they care about my business.
I have paid off my credit card and yet I still get charged fees.
I think I will switch to a small local bank.
Washington Federal I think is my choice.

I found out about this here....
this is the blog of craig...the owner
of craigslist.

Find me here

A little glimpse of my space
antique mall in Marysville

This hutch of Christmas goodies is
all on sale. Most things I have marked
down to 5.00. And a whole shelf
of goodie bags for 5.00.

making stuff

I have been busy.
It is hard to post...for me...
without pictures. I don't have
much to say....
unless I have something to show.

Here is my, "LOVE" collection.
I think choosing one day out
of the year to show the people
that are important to us, that
we love them...seems wrong.

Vintage paper...
Umber and pale
Pinks and aquas...
love and handmade,
this collection is
a celebration of love
every day.

I used vintage, and or
hand painted the paper for
these paper garlands. Then
stamped dots on them, so
they remind me of mushrooms.
I then strung them with wire and
added beads.

They come in a box.
A hand painted top..tied
with dyed ribbon
and inside more umbered
vintage paper, and it is
nestled in painted striped
japanese silk paper.

I ventured out to the woods
and collected branches and moss.
Arranged in a paper covered clay
pot and wired flowers on.

These are just cute little round metal tags.

Some cute little original watercolor cards.

More mushrooms, with bugs.

A hand painted box ...
(The garland box is like this on the front.)

With a charm to hang.

little framed watercolors

tags...all original art.

Everything is drawn, painted,
coffee stained....
then painted and drawn again.
All can be found at
Hutch Studio
I have some at,
Faded Elegance also.


More pictures.
All can be found at
12.00 to 22.00
original watercolor and ink


more watercolors

of what I worked on
over holidays...
I am into
boys and their
bugs and slugs
Maybe cause....
of that little grandson coming in may.
But...will try monkeys, giraffes and hippos next.


I've been painting

I have been drawing and painting.
this is a sample of many.
Time to go back to work.
It has been a wonderful
holiday break.

So back to Bunnies and
gear up for a new year.
It's gonna be great.