Here is another little watercolor.


One more post on the baby shower.

The shower was organized by Brens
sister and best friend.  I just provided the 
home.  But, I wanted to show Bren how
much we as her friends and family loved
her and her son...beyond the gifts there is more.
  We all held onto a balloon and wished to her our love
and support.  On the count of 3, we 
let go of our balloon, as they traveled
up into the heavens our love went
with them.  Our collective hearts
joined as one for the well being
for Bren and baby. 

For Brenda's baby shower
we kept the decor simple and 
sophisticated.  White balloon, 
white flowers.  I found 36" balloon
that were cooler than cool.  We fit
5 in the 63 bus.  The clerk at the 
balloon shop helped me carry them
out.  When she saw the van she did 
a little jump and a squeal and said,
"it's real".  When we drive around, seeing this bus
just makes people happy.  We get thumbs up, peace 
signs, and lots of smiles.  The windows in front
are called safari windows and they pop out.  It is 
like being in a convertible.
I have been oh so absent.
I have not been inspired to 
post.  I got caught up in having
a baby shower for my 
beautiful daughter-in-law.
I have been busy finishing the
fall line for bunnies and I have
been busy painting.
I also got our etsy site set
up for Hutch Studio.
Here are a few of the items.
These are all 5 by 7 and 16.00 dollars.
I am so happy to paint and I feel 
like I am still in the learning mode.  
So these are inexpensive.  But I like
them.  Fun and simple.  Check out
our etsy site.  Hutch studio.


This is one of our very
best sellers at bunnies.
His name is Ittybit.
If you look on Amazon
he gets rave reviews.
Do you think this could be a long lost relative?

I have set up an Etsy store.
I only have a few items in there.
It is our Hutch site.
The etsy store is not perfect.
A few tweeks I need help with.
My goal is to take pictures of 
my little ditties and get them up
next week.  So keep checking
back...it can only get...oh so much better!


It's Easter

It is Easter weekend.
It snuck up on me.
I thought It was next weekend.
That is what happens when you
don't look at a calender
watch t.v. or read the news.
Happy Easter...