House pictures

I took these pictures the other day.
My snowy beach house.
(which could be yours...if you so choose.)

 It is pretty even if it is 
28 degrees.
 This was taken from the deck at bunnies.
It was so cool.
I didn't leave the building the
whole week.
I worked 16 hour days.
So I could go on vacation.
By the time your ready to leave on vacation

  Wow...you really need it.

And speaking of vacation
This was our sunset the second night.
The first night we were in bed before
the sun had a chance to set.
Trying to catch up on some
much needed zzzzz's.
My guy and I are in Maui.

It is heaven.


Fit model

I have been so busy.
I am leaving to go on vacation
on Saturday...so I need to get
the Fall Line done for Bunnies.
wanting to spend as much
time with Sam as possible...

He is a willing and happy
Dad might not like this.

Tu-Tu cute.
Year book picture?


Sisters....lucky for those who have them

This is my sister and I.
We are 14 months apart.
I am the eldest.
I remember this dress.
My gram made it.
It was pale lavender
We didn't have much money
so when we got something new
it was a rare treat.
I loved this dress.  I remember
I wouldn't take it off, when I went
to bed.  I loved new shoes too.
Except those saddle shoes that 
came later on.
I was a patent leather girl
at this young age.

The hair...
always had issues.

Design inspiration

My product line was well received
in New York.
We are working on design
logo and really deciding 
on look and feel.
The inspiration for my art are
my Mom and aunt.

These are all the pictures I have of them.
Growing up on a farm in Washington
In the 40's.
So I think the line will be called
Janny + Nanny
A vintage inspired line
for the child that lives
in all of us.  

Familiar and comfortable
creation that bring back 
memories of a happy 

work for sale


My work found here

Please check out 
Jen is representing my work.
There are quite a few pieces.
Here are a few of my favorites.


whatcha think?

I am experimenting.
I printed the original
watercolor onto cotton,
and then ran it through my printer.
Hand stitching and little beads
on her sweater.  
What do you think?

Sam 8 months

Sam Fisher
Eight months.
Frustrated with the crawling thing.
But he loves to stand up 
and the bouncy chair.
Happy little guy.
Granny and Grampa sitting
this friday

Anthropology in New York

I have recovered from my trip
to the New York Gift Show.
I didn't get to see much...
just walking back and forth
to the Javits Center.

But...my first day,
I just happen to run into 
Here are their windows
which are always the 
best part.