weather is rain... there's work to be done.

It is raining and blowing like crazy.
A great day to get a lot done in the studio,
without feeling like I want to be outside.
I am thinking this is right around the corner...
 I actually am making leaves and thinking fall.
Shipping my booth for creative connections this
week.  I will take some pictures first.  Stay tuned.


Creative chaos

The countdown is on....
so busy getting ready for the
creative connections show.
Jo and her team came up 
with a great idea...a large
collage of women creating.
So I have started taking a few
pictures to contribute...

This is Payell, my high school superstar.
Her last day was friday, back to school.
She is amazing and talented, we are 
going to miss her.
 Julie....wonder woman...
She can do anything!  Cook, dance and sing besides
create amazing displays and paint and draw.  Here she
is working on our Hutch Sign.  Newspaper and cardboard
base that is then painted with acrylics. Which she 
mixes to match a selected pallat and then applies
like watercolor.
 Here I am in all my creative chaos.
It drives me crazy because I can't find anything.
But, I just don't have time to stop and clean.
I am easily distracted so I am working on 4-5
things at the same time.
 A cute little purse for the show.
My sister said, "Now I know what
happened to grandpa's golf pants!"
Hey houndstooth is not just for 
 A new piece of art.  Not really sure what
this guy is.  Suppose to be a kitty, but could
be a fox too...hey it's just art....subjective right.

Sam has a sleepover

Well, we had our first 
sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's
house without mom and dad.
  We did great.  Discovery...
Sam likes cartoon's.  
He is sitting on grandpa's lap and mesmerized.
He eventually conked out...it was all just a little
to much.  Look at his arms, isn't he just a little
man.  I put this outfit on him after mom and
dad left.  They thought it was too girly, Sam
liked it I could tell.
It isn't as girly as this.....
He is my fit model at the moment, so I 
needed him to try on a new dress.
We'll bring this picture out when 
he is a senior in high school...for the
year book.


bird house love

One of my favorite shops in
Laconner is... Go Outside.
I have always loved their birdhouses.

Mt. Baker bounty

Saturday we went to a wedding 
in Glacier on Mt. Baker.
We stopped and picked up
some moss.  Isn't this amazing.
I was like a kid in a forestry candy store.

We spent the night in Bellingham
and had breakfast at...
Old Town Cafe.
It was a fun weekend.  I didn't get 
my granny time.  This was a second best.



I did get up at 3:30 this morning.
I was on the computer and looked 
up and witnessed this.

Summer is such a glorious time here
in Washington....I would not want to
be anywhere else.  Even though we work
it is like a vacation to have so much light.

Sisters collection

My sister has a collection
of dog prints.  
Here is my favorite.

Not enough time

I am getting ready for the creative connections
show that is just a few weeks away.
I am starting to panic.  
Lots happening at bunnies,
it is summer and I want to enjoy
our beautiful weather.
Sam needs me!
What's a granny to do?
Get up at 3 am again.

We are busy making patterns
for the show.
Here is one that Chris did.
A cozy little house with a flicker light inside.

Pool play

It is hot in Kirkland.
We spent the weekend 
in the pool.
Even baby Sam.
He loved it.
We decided to remove
the soggy diaper and 
my daughter holding him
Yikes...at least it stayed
in the diaper.
Hey when ya gotta go...ya gotta go.


Beach joy

My sister and her neighborhood friend
had a few of us lucky girls out for 
a barbecue on their beach.
It was great to sit on my bum
and be served an amazing dinner
finished off with smores and more
wine. We stayed up until 11:30.
WHOA...for me that is amazing.

Amazing table...not for sale

There are five of us at
work that get massages from
"Jo's healing hands."
As much as Jo is talented,
she gives her massages in
a little garden shed that sits
in the middle of an amazing 
garden that surrounds a
fun antique shop.  
Walking around the yard
I found this very unique 
and fun table and chairs.
So fun and unique.
Oh well.

This is cool

I like to make ordinary tasks...fun.
Therefore I am enjoying the new
Metropolitan Market that just
opened up 15 minutes from us.
(Kirkland...not Anacortes.)
They have an amazing selection
of two things that I love.
Here are some very
cool arrangments they had
the other day.  Notice the price.
I don't buy....I get inspired to create.

I love these idea's for Fall...
Which feels like right around the corner,
since it has been raining the last two days.

Grab that plastic ring

Another week
Another milestone
We can now reach and grab onto stuff.
Also we like to put entire fist into mouth 
and gag ourselves.
I imagine grabbing mama's hair next
and trying to eat it.
Genius baby.

bath time for Sam

I gave Sam a bath in our
Kitchen sink.
It took him a few moments to
figure out this weird sensation.
All the expressions that cross his
little face are so funny and fascinating.

 I imagine him thinking....
Whats this? 
 This is weird.
What happened to my clothes?
 Why is grammy acting like this is fun? 
 Why can't I control my arms and legs in this stuff?
This is kinda fun.
 My eyes can get really big.
Jeez what next?


the rapture of Sam

Strolling through the web I found 
this article by Elizabeth Lesser on
becoming a grandmother.

A friend asked me if becoming a grandmother made me feel old. I didn't know what to say. It's not that it makes me feel young. Rather, it makes me know what matters; it wakes me up; it enlivens me. Joseph Campbell said that people are mistaken in looking for life's purpose in concrete and noteworthy ways. The only purpose there is, he said, is to feel "the rapture of being alive." That's what I feel as a grandmother. I am hooked up to a mainline of rapture in the form of a baby.