Sam adjusting

I have been out of the loop...It is summer
hard to sit at a computer when you can
be outside enjoying our amazing weather.
Here is latest of Sam and Sydnee.
I downloaded a new app called
SNAPSEED.  You take the 
pictures through the app and you
can alter them and store in your library.
You don't have to do it at the time you take
the picture you can do it later.

Here is my little angel, in a moment
of cooperation.

We made Sam a Teepee

 Baby Sydnee....she is so good.

 Sam likes "Big Watermelon"
 Uhhh what do I do with her?

Show me your moves spiderman.
Includes popcycle drool on his chin.


Marilyn Miller said...

Love everyone of these pictures. How fun a teepee! A friend is giving us a playhouse for our yard for our soon to be grandson. I can't wait to see him in his bunny suit of white. Just a few more weeks.

Brenda said...

Do these 2 angels belong to me? So crazy...Ty and I have children. Great pics Grammy. xoxo