Wow, out of nowhere...I have a new, old travel trailer

Sometimes, strange things happen when
you least expect it.  I drove from Kirkland
to Anacortes today to go to work.  I had to
stop by my house to water the yard and took
a back road instead of Highway 20.  I passed
a gated storage area that has trailers and boats.
in it.  Out of the corner of my eye I see, AQUA.
It is a little travel trailer and in the back window is
a, for sale sign.  I flip around, park and try to take a picture
through the chain link fence. Then I see a guy roaming 
around so I ask if I could get in to see the trailer.
It is unlocked so I go inside and get a really good look.
It is so perfectly, aqua from roof to floor, all original.
I call the owner...and 4 hours later he delivers it to
my door!
She is a Scotty Hilander, we think a 1968-69
All original.  I am in love.

This is Bill, the former owner. He also tried to sell me beads,
some flax seed, labels from vintage apple boxes.....
But, I only had eyes for my Scotty. 

A top bunk, and the bottom bunk gets bigger.
See the walls?  Original paint on wood.  A now shabby lovely
aged aqua with grey specks.  Even the floor is white with aqua.

Sink, stove, cabinets.

I took these pictures with my snapseed app.  So I gave them a grunge
look.  It's pretty grungy already but I just keep saying in my head.
"Cute as a button!!!"
This is the table that folds into a bed.

I don't want to make it perfect and shiny.  I love the look now.
Just need to get rid of the musty smell and a good cleaning.
Add some cream cushions and call it good!


amy of studio four corners said...

what a sweet find!

linwood avenue said...

she is amazing! (shouldnt all aqua vintage campers be a she???) insanely jealous over here.

Jody Battaglia said...

wow...you will have many happy adventures in your little aqua home on wheels...Happy Trails...

Marilyn Miller said...

Lucky you! and aqua too!
It is a dream of mine, but then I would need something to pull it, plus not up to the work and care. So I just get excited when friends score!!!

Brenda said...

Sam wants to have a sleepover in Grammy's new "house"! LOVE it. Can't wait to see it in person.