I am a very excitable person.  When I find something
I love....I am into it BIG TIME.  Well my heart has
wandered over to pinterest.  It is just fun and quick and
a whole lot less work than a blog.  I am bored with 
other blogs too. 

When I first discovered blogs I thought it 
was the coolest thing I had ever discovered.  Because
as an artist I am looking for inspiration.  Something
to spark me into creating.  
Well, truthfully I like just looking at pictures,
and pinterest is like heroin for someone like me.
So sorry blog world...I have a soft spot for you
but my love has wandered.  
Well that being said I will continue to post.
But the little spare time I have is spent...pinning.
So here you go.
Here are some pictures of my
Beach house that is for sale.

We had a dinner party at Bunnies.
Here is our "coffee table."

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Marilyn Miller said...

I love pinning before I go to bed, as I love having the beautiful photos in my head to sleep with. Many blogs are boring, sad to say, but I like the pictures too. That is why I started my One Word on Monday's, just to have a picture and a word. Always love seeing your beach house pictures and know I will drool over your Scotty too.